Demand A Hearing For Our Priority Legislation

Right now many of these priority bills are tied up in both the House and Senate Health & Human Services Committees. Most have not been scheduled for a hearing, and will soon be in serious jeopardy if we are unable to achieve any movement in either the committee. We are calling on all of our advocates to reach out to their legislators and demand a hearing for these very important pieces of legislation.

Wait List Reduction Initiative

SB2143, Relating to a child’s eligibility for the Medicaid buy-in program for children or the medically dependent children (MDCP) waiver program.

All Other Priority Legislation

STAR Kids Patient Protections & Definitions Clean-Up Bill

Relating to the provision and delivery of benefits to certain recipients with complex medical needs under Medicaid; patient protections and provider choice.

HB 4823
SB 2145

Developing an Alternative Model of Care Pilot

Relating to the establishment of a pilot program to provide comprehensive whole child care for children with complex medical needs.

HB 4541
SB 2360

Relating to retention of the centralized prescription drug formulary applicable to the Medicaid managed care program and removal of the sunset provision

HB 1283
SB 1113

Relating to the establishment of a family health aide program; requiring an occupational license.

HB 3807
SB 1715

Relating to an insurer’s obligation for continuity of care for certain Medicaid recipients with complex medical needs.

HB 3985
SB 1666

Relating to the services provided under the alternatives to abortion program. 

HB 4755

Budget Items

Budget Riders to improve rates for private duty nursing;  and community attendants, Project Baby Dillo to improve newborn screening.

HB 1
SB 1

Important Phone Numbers

State Leadership
  • Governor Greg Abbott​:  (512) 463-2000
  • Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (512) 463-0001
  • Speaker Dade Phelan: (512) 463-1000
Senate Health & Human Services Committee
  • Sen. Lois Kolkhorst: (512) 463-0118
  • Sen. Charles Perry: (512) 463-0128
  • Sen. César Blanco: (512) 463-0129
  • Sen. Bob Hall: (512) 463-0102
  • Sen. Kelly Hancock: (512) 463-0109
  • Sen. Bryan Hughes: (512) 463-0101
  • Sen. Morgan LaMantia: (512) 463-0127
  • Sen. Borris Miles: (512) 463-0113
  • Sen. Kevin Sparks: (512) 463-0131
House Human Services Committee
  • Rep. James Frank: (512) 463-0534
  • Rep. Toni Rose: (512) 463-0664
  • Rep. Liz Campos: (512) 463-0452
  • Rep. Lacy Hull: (512) 463-0727
  • Rep. Stephanie Klick: (512) 463-0599
  • Rep. Christian Manuel: (512) 463-0662
  • Rep. Candy Noble: (512) 463-0186
  • Rep. Ana-Marie Ramos: (512) 463-0454
  • Rep. Matt Shaheen: (512) 463-0594